My first time filming in 360 degrees

This month I died a little… just before wrapping a very stylish 1920s horror flick called “Seance”. It was my first experience working with a 360° VR camera. It was also my first on-screen death. And my first time talking to the dead… who then came to haunt me and the other characters who made me call for them. Many firsts ticked with this project, so it was a good one. I particularly liked the brilliant vintage costumes, I wish I could have kept some of them for myself! Here are some selfies featuring my slit throat and the glorious turban I was wearing.

Suffragettes marching

I played a suffragette… standing up for women’s rights

I just finished filming a short but sweet period drama in Cambridge in which I played a suffragette who is in love with another woman – a completely taboo subject at the time.

Researching this part has made me realise how hard women in the past have had to fight for even the most basic human rights which we take for granted these days. It has made me very grateful and proud of our ancestors who have risked their lives for what we have today. And it makes me very sad to think that in certain countries women are still facing the same struggles that our ancestors were facing back then, so a lot of change and progress still needs to happen in this world.

Here’s a selfie from the shoot, a very different look this time.


I just wrapped filming for a new feature film

Today I wrapped filming in Manchester for an exciting new project which will be coming to cinemas next year. The working title of the film is “Love Eventually”, however this isn’t going to be the official name of it – in fact, the title hasn’t even been decided upon yet.

What I can tell you about the movie is that it’s a romantic comedy set within the British muslim community.

I am playing an Italian girl in this film and it’s actually my first time filming an all-Italian part. My character’s name is Adela. Here’s a picture of her, warming up in the car in between takes.