Holiday update and my new website is finally live!

I have been away on my travels again, this time in Sardinia, so make sure you have a look on my Instagram for some more gorgeous holiday snaps. It was my first time sailing around the Maddalena archipelago and I must say I was blown away by its beauty. There are so many different shades of blue in the water, swimming in it amongst all the fish was a truly mesmerising experience. 

And in other news my website is finally live again with a brand spanking new design! Thank you so much to the awesome Christophe Pastor for all your hard work, you’ve done a great job with it.


Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day to all my fellow ladies out there! 

Always remembering those who fought for our rights. Playing one of them, a suffragette, has been such an honour. Even though she had her own personal struggles to deal with before finding her strength, she got there in the end nonetheless.

This past year has certainly brought about some changes with #metoo raising awareness to the way women are often (mis)treated not only in the entertainment industry but in our society. Unfortunately there’s still an awful lot of men out there having to learn a lesson or two with regards to respecting women. 

We have come a long way regarding gender equality, particularly in the Western world, but sadly still have a long way to go especially considering other parts of the world where women are denied basic human rights and still don’t have a voice in this day and age. These problems exist even if we might not be experiencing them ourselves – whether it’d be under the pretext of culture, religion or “boys just being boys”.

Let’s keep making changes, through raising our voices to injustice and by raising boys who will grow up to be respectful men and role models to our society.


Getting into the Xmas spirit

I wrapped filming a hilarious little slapstick short film today. Working title “The Chicken and the Egg”. Watch out for it! It might be the next big hit on YouTube 😉

In other news I will be off to Germany early next month to spend the holidays with my family and friends over there. I’m already getting into the Christmas spirit, how about you? I also took a few festive photos recently which will be added to the Gallery page soon.

Capri photo

I’m back from my summer of travels

I just got back from an epic summer of travelling around Sicily and Napoli. Italia, quanto mi sei mancata! 

I feel like travelling always makes you grow as a person and gets you back to being grounded and connected with what really matters in your life. On this trip I got to see some truly breathtaking places, been on a few exciting adventures and made many new friends along the way. I’ll be posting lots of stunning pictures from my travels on my Instagram account, so in case you’re not following me already, make sure you’re not missing out:



Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful relaxing time at home with your families and loved ones as that’s what this time of the year is all about. I am spending it at my family’s home in Germany with my parents and grandparents as I usually do each year. Looking forward to the new year and some exciting new projects to come! I also recently took a few festive images for you guys which will be added to the Gallery page soon.